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L2 Crypto Wallet

What is Rollups?

L2 DeFi Wallet

Time to stop paying high exchange and smart contract fees. Save on gas fees with our Rolled up L2 Technology.

Powered by L2

The evolution of L2 Technology brings finance into decentralized control, fees can go back to you.

Personalised Security

Control your own private keys securely on your own terms with your own encryption password and 12-word mnemonic passphrase.

User Experience Mindset

We combine many years of digital product experience with understanding both new and advanced DeFi users.

Wallet Features

Roll right up!

Secure your own funds

Built on L2 technology, you don’t have to keep your crypto anywhere else but on your own secured crypto wallet. Never give out your private keys.

Strong roadmap

It’s impossible to ignore the essential ingredients that go into a successful crypto wallet project. Expect each phase to implement smoothly.

Star team

With over 50 years shared experience and 3 unique blends of talent, the core team of Rollups is only getting started!

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